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T H E   D E R E L I C T   M I S C E L L A N Y

R e f l e c t i o n s   o n   f o r g o t t e n   a n d   a b a n d o n e d   s p a c e s
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"Tumbled are the towers, ruined the roofs and broken the barred gate, frost in the plaster, all the ceilings gape, torn and collapsed and eaten up by age." The Ruin, Anonymous, 8th-century A.D.

Disused buildings have always fascinated, enchanted and sometimes repulsed us. Entering an abandoned building is like entering a different world: stillness reigns and noises seem amplified, the sharp smell of damp hangs in the air, light and shadow play tricks on the mind and nature intrudes, creeping across stone, wood and metal in strange and beautiful ways. The Derelict Miscellany seeks to document this world and uncover the lost history of abandoned spaces.

Recent News

22.02.17: Miscellaneous additions - Autumn/Winter 2016.
19.11.16: New photographs from Mid Wales Hospital - seven years on.
13.09.16: New feature on Chichester RAF Fuel Distribution Depot.
18.06.16: Yes, It's been quiet lately. No, this site is not derelict, I'm just busy with work stuff. More updates...eventually.
06.03.16: More photos from Clock House Brickworks.
28.02.16: New locations added to the Miscellany.
29.11.15: Update and new-look galleries finished.
28.11.15: Satellite images show that Buckland Sand & Silica has been demolished, apparently in July this year.

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