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Atmospheric Station 'F'

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What:Atmospheric Research Station
Where: Undisclosed
Built: c.1950
Architect: Unknown
Abandoned: c.2004
Listed: No
Visited: 2011
Last Known Condition: Disused
Page Updated: January 2014

Atmospheric Research Station 'F' is a small research facility built in the 1950s to test atmospheric instruments and monitor meteorological phenomena. The site consisted of a fully-equipped weather station, several dispersed laboratory huts and a large monopole radio antenna.

Punched tape
Punched computer tape

Directions for setting up weather station instruments, 1956
Directions for setting up weather station instruments, 1956

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Canteen and washrooms Electronics laboratory Vintage Cathode-ray monitor Weather balloon station Measurement and recording room (electricity and computers still working) The notice reminds users to plug the modem back in after   <br> using the 'phone. Those were the days... Measurement and recording room Weather balloon ozonesonde reading instructions Hazard Research Laboratory Shock Tube for studying aerodynamic flow and the effect of blast waves Radio labs Monopole antenna Radio lab Weather station Weather station Chemical shelf Wind direction indicator 1950s graffiti

In 2004, half a century after opening, the station was declared outdated and uneconomical; the staff were transferred to newer facilities nearby and the station was left empty. The station was maintained in readiness for future use for a few years but was never needed: by 2011 the buildings, still full of working instruments, paperwork and computers, were beginning to show signs of decay.


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